BIG TIME: 4FT Tall LEGO® BATMAN MOVIE Minifigure Alarm Clock

If you’ve already seen The LEGO Batman Movie, the chances are that the master builder inside you is itching to build something awesome!

Matt aka Twitter – @MC_Survival_man is a real pro at building things with bricks. His newest project stretched out to over 20,000 bricks. The end result is a sleek, 4ft replica of THE LEGO® BATMAN MOVIE Batman™ Minifigure Alarm Clock.

Creating the star from 2017’s ‘The LEGO Batman Movie’, the statue, built with over 20,000 brick took a total of 10 hours to design and build.

Even though the digital display is built out of bricks and is fixed at 12:38pm, a stopped clock is right twice a day!

We caught up with Matt to talk about his aspirations as a LEGO Master Builder:

“My main goal is to become a master builder and inspire others to do the same. A lot of kids that grow out of the hobby or give up on it don’t realize that those dreams that they had as a kid can become true with a lot of work and practice. It sounds cliche but dreams can come true when you work towards it. That’s my main motivation. I also have a deep passion for the LEGO brand, it helps knowing everything about LEGO and it’s themes when designing models. I live by the LEGO motto: ‘only the best is good enough’.”

So what is a a LEGO® Master Builder? Well IMAGINE being paid to play with LEGO all day! These individuals are generally responsible for designing and building promotional displays and models for various Minilands at various LEGO theme parks for The LEGO Group. There is no specific route to become a LEGO® Master Builder.

Not all LEGO® Master Builders spend their time making models for theme parks and discovery centers, however. Nathan Sawaya, a former corporate attorney, left his job in New York City to become a full-time LEGO® artist. His LEGO® brick sculptures have been featured in countless museums and galleries around the world, including his best known and latest exhibition – The Art of the Brick which CNN have called ‘one of the top global exhibitions to see’.

Matt continues to prove to all aspiring LEGO® Master Builders that anything can be made with LEGO® bricks – The Real World is your oyster!

We’re hoping to showcase Matt’s creation later this year, so keep an eye out for an announcement regarding the brick statue’s whereabouts!

Channel your inner super hero / super villain with LEGO® BATMAN MOVIE™ Minifigure Clock & build-able Watch range with FREE worldwide delivery:

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